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Shanghai SteelHome E-Commerce Co., Ltd

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Address: Floor 23rd, Zhongcheng Building, No.818 Dongfang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, P.R.C
Country: China
Telephone: 86-21-50585733  (Ext 5368)
Fax: 86-21-50585277
Website: http://www.steelhome.cn/en
Company Product and Service Categories
Iron / steel
Articles of iron / steel
Nickel, articles thereof
Aluminum, articles thereof
Zinc, articles thereof
Company Details
Year Started: 2004
CEO name: Wu
Annual sales: N/A
Primary Business Type: Others
Detail Information: SteelHome, established on November 1, 2004, is an authoritative, leading and independent website in Chinese steel market, providing comprehensive information, consultancy, database, industry events and E-commerce.

SteelHome has solid relationship with steel companies, raw material suppliers, traders, logistics companies and steel users. We also provide services to government departments, industry associations, financial & research institutes, securities, futures and banks, etc.
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