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Address: No20/28 Nguyen Hong Str, Dong Da Dist, Ha Noi
City: Hà Nội
Country: Việt Nam
Telephone: 84-04-2660931
Fax: 84-04-2660932
Website: http://www.ssoftvn.com
Company Product and Service Categories
Typewriters/Word Processing machines, Calculating devices calculators, accounting machines, postage-franking, ticket-issuing, cash registers and thereof as well as other office equipments
Transcribing machines: sound, images and televisons , tape players and thereof
Engineering services
Specialty design services
Scientific and other technical services
Telecommunications services
Other support services
Company Details
Year Started: 2005
CEO name: Hoàng Minh Vỹ
Annual sales: N/A
Primary Business Type: Manufacturer
Detail Information: Products/Services We Offer:
+ Supply software and Telecom services for small and medium enterprises
+ Produce and implement Flexiable Accoungting (FlexAcc)
+ Implementing the IT pagkage solutions on consumer’’s
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E-commerce Development Centrer (Ecomviet) - 25 Ngo Quyen Street, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam
Email: support@ecvn.com
Person in charge: Nguyen Ky Minh
Tel: 844-22205351 - Fax: 844-22205507