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- Not allow to post or give comments on issues of politics, religions and races.

- Not allow to post or exchange information relating to policies of the Party and Vietnamese government.

- Not make corrupt use and join hands with actions violating Vietnamese laws.

- Not diffuse violence and debauched content which go against our culture.

- Not allow to use uncultured language and not to offend any individual or other organizations.

- Not allow to trade illegal products or services.

- ECVN Board of Management reserves the right to delete any content or account violating those above-mentioned rules.

To protect members, user's information is secured; however, in case of violations, Board of Management will provide full information for competent organizations and users must take their full responsibilities under the laws.

To prevent making corrupt uses, we call for all the business communities and users to actively support ECVN Board of Management in informing any inappropriate information or company.

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