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What are News Feeds?

Also known as RSS, news feeds allows you to see up-to-date information of a website without visiting the website itself. In ECVN, you can have all the most updated news, the most current business opportunities available without browsing the website. There are different explanation of RSS, in which Really Simple Syndication is most commonly used. Basically, RSS are web pages that are designed to be read by computers rather than human.

Why do I use RSS?

Without RSS, every time you want to read news, you have to visit many web pages, which is time consuming and ineffective. RSS helps to speed up this process by allow you to have all the content you need in just one page.

RSS data is compact which help the download process to be faster; additionally it can be integrated into mobile phone and PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

Useful for cross-site reference.

How do I start using RSS?

In order to use RSS, you will need a news reader, which is sometime integrated into web browsers such as Internet Explorer 7.0, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari or some downloadable applications. Using browser-based news readers, you can read RSS from any computer, where as using downloadable applications, you can store them on your computers.

Using RSS news reader, you can click on RSS link, drag and drop the RSS link, or copy and paste the URL of the RSS into a new feed in your news reader. Some browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari automatically check for RSS when you visit a website, and show an RSS icon when they find one.

I. ECVN News
Bussiness News
II. Goods Selling Leads Buying Leads
Live animals and other edible animal products
Vegetable products
Prepared foods, beverage and tobacco
Plastics, rubbers and their articles thereof
Leather & articles thereof
Wood & articles of wood (including paper and articles)
Garment and materials
Footwear / gaiters / etc, headgear and parts thereof
Articles of stone / plaster / cement / asbestos / similar materials
Base Metals and articles thereof
Machinery / mechanical and home appliances
Electrical, Electronics and Office Equipments
Vehicles, aircrafts, boats and other means of transportation
Optical / photographic / cinematographic / measuring / checking / medical / surgical instruments
Furnishings: domestic, medical, office, lighting, holiday; prefabricated buildings
III. Services Selling Leads Buying Leads
Construction Services
Distributive Services
Tourism Services
Transport Services
Financial and Related Services
Real Estate Services and Rental and Leasing Services
Communication Services
Business Services
Production Services
Education Services
Health and Social Services
Environmental Services
Recreational, Cultural and Sporting Services
Other Services

News Reader

There are many software which support RSS reading, such as:

Windows: Newz Crawler | FeedDemon | Awasu
Mac OS X:
Newsfire | NetNewsWire
Bloglines | My Yahoo! | NewsGator
Mozilla Firefox
(If you using Mozilla FireFox, you can dowload Wizz RSS: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/424/)

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