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Acrylic Nail Clippers
(31/12/2010 - 02/12/2020)
BEAUTY BONE World's best manufacturer and exporters of Quality Acrylic nail clipper Acrylic nail nipper Acrylic nipper Nail tip cutter Artificial nail cutter Guillotine nail clipper Nail cutter. Grab those nail clippers and cut your nail tips down a...
Beauty Bone
Beauty Cuticle Pushers
(31/12/2010 - 02/12/2020)
Cuticle Nail Pusher & Cleaner is one of the important beauty tools and is essential for every saloon. We offer a verity of Nail file, Cuticle Pushers and nail cleaner for the professionals and also for the personal use. Our range includes Lancet & B...
Beauty Bone
Nail Files
(31/12/2010 - 02/12/2020)
BEAUTY BONE brings you beautiful nails with a comprehensive selection of professional nail care products, including files, buffing blocks, pumice stones, finger and toenail separators, and more. Our product line is designed to meet all of your needs...
Beauty Bone
Beauty Tweezers
(31/12/2010 - 02/12/2020)
We believe in serving the best and offering superior and excellent quality products. At BEAUTY BONE you will find a state of the art range of Eye brow tweezers and General purpose tweezers. Choose from a huge variety of single or double-ended tweeze...
Beauty Bone
Eyelash Curler
(31/12/2010 - 02/12/2020)
BEAUTY BONE eyelash curler curved to fit the eyelids perfectly as well as equipped with flexible rubber linings which allow you to curl your lashes easily. Eyelash curlers Turn even the most minimal lashes into a full, flirty fringe. It has speciall...
Beauty Bone
Manicure Set and Pedicure Kits
(26/12/2010 - 02/12/2020)
We have All type leather / Artificial leather and plastic material manicure kits, nail care kits, eye brow tweezers kits, skin care kits, barber kits
Beauty Bone
PVD Titanium Plasma Coated Barber Scissors
(24/12/2010 - 02/12/2020)
Finest range of Barber Scissors and Barber Shears which is a unique blend of style and excellent craftsmanship. We use Japanese stainless steel to achieve the higher HRC level to ensure that our Barber Scissors/Shears will last longer and to provide...
Beauty Bone
Barber Scissors
(24/12/2010 - 02/12/2020)
Our Professional Barber Scissors are made of the finest quality Japanese Stainless steel for maximum hardness and toughness. The edges are razor sharp offers Precision cutting for all cutting styles. Professional Shear with offset handles for comfor...
Beauty Bone
Razor Edge Scissors
(24/12/2010 - 01/12/2020)
Available Barber Scissors, Salon Shears and hair cutting scissors kits As well as Left handed Barber scissors in 420, T.C & 440C stainless steel. Also available Thinning scissors in different teeth (Optional wire cutting teeth). Scissors available i...
Beauty Bone
cell spa with tub A004 Aijia foot detox ionic cleanse
(27/03/2009 - 31/08/2021)
Cell spa with tub, detox foot bath A004(selina200 at 126 dot com) Feature: 1. with the washbasin. 2. The massage pad works in every part of body. 3. 100-240 V. Worldwide is suitable. Specification: Gross weight: 6KG Voltage: 100V/240V Po...
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