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fruit seeds powder, longan seeds, mango seeds, jackfruit seeds
(28/03/2012 - 16/03/2024)
We supply fruit seeds powder, longan seeds, mango seeds, jackfruit seeds. Use for: animal feed and fertilizer Cell phone: 841688279426
bean, nut, seeds
(08/03/2012 - 04/03/2022)
Dried Green Mungbean, Black Bean and Peanut Kernel. Origin : Central Viet Nam. Harvert time: All year. Usage: in food Impurity: 1% max Imperfect rate: 2% Moisture: 13 - 15% max. Cell phone: 841688279426
shrimp shell chitin
(08/03/2012 - 06/03/2024)
Product name: Chitin/Agricultural chitin/ Industry chitin/industrial chitin/pharmaceutical / chitosan 100% shrimp shell. Color: Milk white. Dried method: under sunlight. Moisture:10% Cell phone: 841688279426
(08/03/2012 - 08/03/2024)
Sea Cucumber Smell: Ocean Fish Harvert time: March- October . Usage: health food, oriental medicine... Main grades: Pricky fish, curry fish, back & yellow sand fish, white teat fish, lolly fish, stomach fish, tiger fish... Producing: Pro...
(08/03/2012 - 04/03/2023)
SEAWEED Kind : Sargassum, Glacilaria, Ulva Lactuca and Eucheuman cottonii. Usage : human food, material for industry, traditional medicine, bio fertilizer/pesticide, animal feed Type : Dry, whole leaf, in grind and raw material.
Soft Shell Crab 软壳蟹 ソフトシェルクラブ(alive frozen seafood)
(13/09/2010 - 27/09/2017)
We have Soft Shell crab( Alive frozen seafood) (mud crab)Whole Cleaned & whole round to sell. --USD per Kg. FOB, T T, Yangon, Myanmar. Whole cleaned =--USD per Kg. FOB, T T, Yangon, Myanmar.(net weight, no glazing)70gm to 140grams= 15pcs to 8pcs / ...
Aung Moe Khine manufacturing Co.,Ltd ( soft shell crab )
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