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Sell Spcetrophotometer
LMS-5000 Quick-Scan Spectrophotometer Colorimeter is a very widely applied single monochromators spectrophotometer with high accuracy. A typical measuring time during the spectral range from 380~800nm is less than 10seconds. LMS-5000 used with right...
Sell Goniophotometer
LSG-1800 Goniophotometric system is an automatic goniophotometric measurement system for measuring photometric parameters of luminaires, such as LED road lighting fixture, room lighting fixture and projecting lighting fixture. The measured data meet...
Sell Electrostatic Discharge Simulator
Electrostatic discharge simulator (electrostatic gun) ESD61000-2 in full compliance with IEC 61000-4-2, EN61000-4-2 and GB/T17626.2 standards. The ESD generator is for the assessment of electrical and electronic equipment to withstand ESD performanc...
Sell EFT Immunity Measurement
These equipments are specially designed according to the characteristics and requirements of EFT measurement and it is an ideal disturbance source of EMS measurement. They have fine performance, such as high stability, high reliability, easy to use ...
Sell High and Low Temperature & Humidity Chamber
Specifications: • Purpose: According to IEC 60068, this product is applicable for the testing of the indices of the spaceflight and aviation products, information electronic instruments and meters, materials, electrical and electronic products an...
Sell Electronic Ballast Tester
Specification: WT5000 is the updated version of WT3000 with a super-big LCD for displaying waveforms and parameters directly, and it includes all the functions and technical parameters of WT3000. Reports can be printed if printer connected. It als...
Sell LED Tester
LPCE-2(LMS-8000) is an Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer LED Testing System for identifying the performance of single LEDs and LED lamps. LED's quality should be tested by checking its photometric, colorimetric and electrical parameters. Accordin...
Sell Integrating Sphere with Side Assistant Opening
The integrating sphere works with a Spectrophotometer to do the photometry, colorimetry and radiometry parameters measurement, but the large size of LED and HID fixtures are difficult to be fixed in the center of integrating sphere to test. To solve...
Sell EMI Receiver System
KH3962 is an automatic EMI receiver system. It is a main test system for EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) testing. The KH3962 is produced by the full closure structure and strong electro-conductibility material, which has high shielding effect. D...
Sell Spectrophotometer & Integrating Sphere Test System
LPCE-1 Integrating Sphere Spectrophotometer Test System is suitable for photometric and colorimetric measurement of luminaries such as Energy-saving lamps, Fluorescent lamps, HID lamps (high voltage sodium lamps and high voltage mercury lamps), CCFL...
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