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HD-1080K12 Digital Multi-Media Player (Automatic HD Player)
(10/07/2017 - 31/07/2023)
Feature 1.Support various of media and pictures format , Boot auto-play , 2.Ideal replacement for Blue Ray and DVD video players. 3.Ideal playback unit for Large LCD and Plasma display, support unlimited loop play. 4.Ideal for pictures Sync play...
Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd.
LiFePo4 Battery
(18/04/2017 - 30/01/2018)
LiFePo4 Battery (Plastic Shell) SNO-40102166F 3.2V 20000mAh 40 102 166 825g SNO-57102166F 3.2V 30000mAh 57 102 166 1150g SNO-64112166F 3.2V 40000mAh 64 112 166 1510g SNO-50152190F 3.2V 50000mAh 50 152 190 1890g SNO-61114203F 3.2V 60000mAh 61...
Starnovo Technology Co.,Ltd.
Power bank
(18/04/2017 - 29/01/2018)
- 16800mAh Li-Polymer cell - Input: 12V-1A - Output: 5V-1A, 12V-2A, 16V-3.5A, 19V-3.5A - Starting Current: 200A - Peak Current: 500A - Operating Temperature: -45℃-60℃ - Battery Charge Time: 4-5 hours - Battery Average Lifetime: 1500 times - ...
Starnovo Technology Co.,Ltd.
battery pack
(18/04/2017 - 01/08/2018)
Model:SNO-103450ARCP Capacity: 1700mAh Nominal voltage: 3.7V Pack dimension: 10 x 34 x50mm Weight: 38g Internal impedance (20°C±5°C): ≤60mΩ Available for any mobile or digital devices, such as power tool, wireless Pose machine, medical ...
Starnovo Technology Co.,Ltd.
lithium polymer battery_high rate
(18/04/2017 - 21/01/2019)
SNO-353048P 20C 300mAh 60mΩ 3.8mm 30mm 48mm 9g SNO-602436P 20C 300mAh 120mΩ 6.3mm 24mm 36mm 9g SNO-603048P 20C 500mAh 50mΩ 6.1mm 30mm 48mm 15g SNO-703048P 20C 800mAh 35mΩ 7.1mm 30mm 48mm 23g SNO-703496P 20C 1500mAh 20mΩ 7.1mm 34mm 96mm 40g ...
Starnovo Technology Co.,Ltd.
lithium polymer battery_large size
(18/04/2017 - 27/01/2020)
SNO-903535P 3.7V 1000mAh 30mΩ 9.0mm 35mm 35mm 21g SNO-483759P 3.7V 1000mAh 30mΩ 4.8mm 37mm 59mm 20.5g SNO-503759P 3.7V 1100mAh 30mΩ 5.0mm 37mm 59mm 21g SNO-523759P 3.7V 1150mAh 30mΩ 5.2mm 37mm 59mm 21.5g SNO-503562P 3.7V 1200mAh 30mΩ 5.0mm 3...
Starnovo Technology Co.,Ltd.
Lithium polymer battery_small size
(18/04/2017 - 21/09/2020)
SNO-203458P 3.7V 320mAh <120mΩ 2.0mm 34mm 58mm 8g SNO-213752P 3.7V 290mAh <120mΩ 2.1mm 27mm 52mm 6.8g SNO-222933P 3.7V 120mAh <200mΩ 2.2mm 29mm 33mm 3g SNO-233350P 3.7V 310mAh <120mΩ 2.3mm 33mm 50mm 7g SNO-251730P 3.7V 80mAh <300mΩ 2.5mm 17mm...
Starnovo Technology Co.,Ltd.
Lithium Aluminium battery
(18/04/2017 - 23/12/2019)
SNO-033048A 3.7V 500mAh <65mΩ 3.9mm 29.8mm 48mm 11.5g SNO-033450A 3.7V 600mAh <65mΩ 3.9mm 34mm 49.3mm 13.5g SNO-043040A 3.7V 500mAh <70mΩ 4.5mm 30mm 40mm 11g SNO-403443A 3.7V 500mAh <70mΩ 4.0mm 34mm 43mm 12g SNO-413450A 3.7V 700mAh <60mΩ 4.1...
Starnovo Technology Co.,Ltd.
Lithium Cylindrical battery
(18/04/2017 - 31/12/2018)
SNO-18650S 2200mAh <70 18mm 65mm 45g SNO-18500S 1550mAh <70 18mm 50mm 34g SNO-17650S 1450mAh <70 17mm 65mm 37g SNO-17500S 1050mAh <70 17mm 50mm 27g SNO-14500S 790mAh <70 14mm 50mm 20g SNO-14430S 670mAh <70 14mm 43mm 17g
Starnovo Technology Co.,Ltd.
7.4V/3.3Ah Polymer Battery Packs
(18/04/2017 - 28/01/2019)
Model: SNO-905462PC-2S1P Configuration:2S1P (2cells) Capacity: 3300mAh Nominal voltage: 7.4V Max discharge current: 3300mA Max charge current: 3300mA Pack dimension: 18.0 x 54 x 65mm Weight: 106g Internal impedance (20°C±5°C): ≤250mΩ...
Starnovo Technology Co.,Ltd.
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