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MyECVN is a trade management tool for members to use and manage all utilities of ECVN. Each member company is provided with an account and password to access MyECVN.

Log in ECVN as a member and click MyECVN to start. You can manage all your trade contacts in Message Center

1. Message Center is your own email box used to exchange information with other ECVN members.

2. Emails sent to you by other ECVN members are arranged in Inbox. The latest email is automatically located at the top. You should check Inbox frequently. Emails sent by you are arranged in Sent.

3. You can set up your list of frequent contacts by selecting the right messages among received and sent messages and hit "add to contact" button. All frequent contacts will be listed at Contact List.

  • Click "Contact" to start sending your information. Some mail templates are available for your convenience.
  • To delete an entry in your contact list, select the entry and click "Delete".

4. You can terminate messages from a member company by selecting their messages in your Inbox and click Block. To re-receiving messages from a trashed address, select it in your Trash list and click Remove Block address.

5. To delete a message, select it and click Move to Trash. Your deleted message is stored in Trash section. You can select a message in Trash list and click "Delete" to permanently delete or click "restore" to re-use it.

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